Our Mission and Values

Western Wyoming Medical specializes in cardiovascular and outpatient surgical services, offering treatment and procedures from our facility located in Lander, Wyoming. Our acclaimed and experienced team offers world-class medical service and care—more accessible than ever before for patients located in rural communities.

Our Mission

To provide world-class care through a compassionate and comprehensive approach to precision rural medicine.

Our Values

Precision Rural Medicine is the approach by which we address the following needs — for patients, our community, and our industry at large:


Every patient’s need for personal precision care.

We believe in taking an individualized approach to every patient, treating each as a unique person. Our approach to medicine accounts for everything from a patient’s lifestyle to their location and support system, and we focus on accurately identifying underlying causes, instead of merely treating symptoms.

We prioritize patient empathy, to ensure every aspect of their experience is characterized by compassion, comfort, and attention.

And our patients can be confident that they're in good hands. We're proud that our team represents years of collective — and expanding — expertise. We offer world-class medical service and care, while continuing to pursue the evolving intersections between modern medicine and today’s cutting-edge technology.


Our community’s need for local commitment and trust.

To elevate the perception of healthcare in Fremont County, we've assembled a team that rivals the experience and credentials of larger medical centers in nearby urban areas. We want to actively minimize transportation obstacles and lower cost barriers that have, till now, prevented many local residents from pursuing higher-quality care.

We're aiming to set high standards in follow-up and prevention, and seeking to build trust with community members and patients.

As we grow, we're also seeking to give a tangible voice to the people whose care is our priority. Our aim is to provide open channels for communication and conversation with those we serve, and empower them to see their input lead to initiatives and improvements at our center.




Our industry’s need for new paradigms in rural practice.

Our choice of location, and how we think about healthcare, are significantly defined by our unique understanding of the Western Wyoming climate and lifestyle. 

We also partner with local clinics to create a functional medical ecosystem that establishes a model for efficient, effective healthcare as a staple in rural communities.

Our goal is to enhance possibilities for development and deployment of rural medicine beyond cardiological care. Establishing a presence for technologically-advanced healthcare will enable us further to expand what we can offer, and continue to set an example for care providers in regions like ours.